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All Fregie Sacks, reusable produce bags are made from 100% cotton calico or muslin fabric are proudly Australian made. Perfect for shopping and storing bulk foods such as legumes, dried or mixed fruits and large veggies.

The Calico Fregi Sacks come in 3 great sizes – small, medium and large and are best used for purchasing bulk wholefoods, scoop and weigh products such as legumes, dried or mixed fruits, as well as large vegetables or fruits.

The Calico Sacks are also the perfect solution for storing potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic and more!

The Muslin Sacks come in one size only and are suitable for a variety of uses including making nut milks.

These FregieSacks are environmentally friendly and breathable and come with a cotton drawstring.

With the Fregie Sack bulk wholefood produce bags, you can simply shop and store. Plus, with the Fregie Sack bulk wholefood reusable produce bags, your bulk foods, fruits and vegetables will be able to easily breathe, unlike traditional single-use plastic bags which can cause bulk foods, fruit and vegetables to sweat, thus reducing their life cycle.

The Fregie Sack reusable produce bags give your bulk foods, fruits and vegetables a longer life, and therefore save you money.

The Fregie Sack can be used over and over again and are easily washed with a warm water hand wash.

All Fregie Sacks can be bought online, are affordably priced, come in a range of sizes and available with fast and low-cost shipping Australia wide.