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Keep it Fresh - Organic

These breathable fruit and vegetable environmentally friendly storage bags will help your fresh fruit and veggies to stay fresher longer in the fridge.

This new range of organic cotton and hemp Fregies Sacks allows fruits and vegetables stored in your fridge to easily breathe, unlike traditional single-use plastic bags which can cause fruit and vegetables to sweat and dehydrate.

These storage bags are so easy to use. Simply wet the bag, wring out the excess water so the bag is just damp, add your fresh fruit and vegetable produce and then place them in the fridge for longer life.

We also have a reusable muslin bag set ideal for creating herbal or spice infusions in your kitchen.

These reusable sacks are environmentally friendly and come with a cotton drawstring.

The Fregie Sack can be used over and over again and are easily washed with a warm water hand or gentle machine wash.
Proudly Australian made, all Fregie Sacks can be bought online, are affordably priced, come in a range of sizes and available with fast and low-cost shipping Australia wide.

TIP: these bags are not suitable for lighter or soft leaf lettuce such as butter lettuce or spinach. These more fragile leaf produce are best placed in a glass or ceramic dish and then inserted in the bag or covered with a cloth