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Fruit + Vegies = 'Fregie'

The FregieSack – a reusable bag which was created in 2006 out of a desire to get rid of those annoying small plastic bags used in supermarkets.

The Fregie Sack Story

Initially the bags were made of tulle and came in lots of colours until in 2010 the brand was given a fresh new look and the logo that is shown here today was introduced.

New fabric was sourced to make the bags and the colour range limited to the highly popular red, green and white bags you see here.

Also added was a carry bag to keep the fregie sets tidy and new calico bags were introduced for nuts, legumes and bulk foods. These updates to the range have proven to be winners for the environment.

The Fregie Sack can be used for more than just fruit and veg – you can use them when travelling to keep things sorted in your suitcase, fill them with toys in the car for the kids or collect shells!

Their usage is limited only by your imagination.

Fregiesacks are proudly Australian made and owned with no plans to move offshore. We are keen to keep the manufacture of Fregisacks right here in Melbourne to support the local economy.

Help us reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment in your area by using our products.

Keep an eye on Fregie because there are new things planned for 2018 and onwards……

Margaret O’Hara
Director of Green and Brown Pty Ltd..