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FregieSack - reusable produce bags!

FregieSack – reusable produce bags are proudly Australian made!

The range of Fregie Sack reusable produce bags are an ideal alternative to single-use plastic fruit and vegetable bags when you are shopping or for storing your produce.

With the Fregie Sack reusable produce bags, for fruit and vegetables, you can simply shop and store. With their see-through mesh it allows shop assistants to know exactly what’s inside your produce bag at a glance and is so lightweight, they barely register on the scales!

When your produce is home, simply place them in the fridge and unlike traditional single-use plastic bags which can cause fruit and vegetables to sweat the Fregie Sacks see-through mesh allows your fruit and vegetables to breathe, giving them a longer life, and therefore saving you money!

Highly durable, washable and strong, all Fregie Sack produce bags come with a convenient drawstring to keep the contents secure.

Our bulk wholefood range of 100% cotton calico or muslin fabric produce bags are environmentally friendly and breathable, perfect for shopping and storing bulk foods such as legumes, dried or mixed fruits, potatoes, onions and other large veggies.

The keep it fresh organic range are breathable fruit and vegetable environmentally friendly storage bags will help your fresh fruit and veggies to stay fresher longer in the fridge.

The Fregie Sack can be used over and over again and are all easily washed.

Explore our extensive range or produce bags, fruit and vegetable bags, shopping bags and storage bags all proudly Australian made. You’ll be amazed by the 101 other uses they have too, like for dying herbs, storing household items, getting things organised and they make the perfect travelling companion keeping everything organised and separated in your suitcase.

All of our Fregie Sacks can be bought online you will find them affordably priced and we offer fast and low-cost shipping Australia wide.

Please note: All Fregie Sack products are hand cut and sewn, from time to time sizes may vary slightly.